2006 June UGC NET Previous Years Paper 1

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Welcome to your UGC NTA NET QUIZ 27

Chandrayan I was launched on 22nd October, 2008 in India from:

What is blog?

Which is not online Indian Matrimonial website?

Environmental impact assessment is an objective analysis of the probable changes in:

Bog is a wetland that receives water from:

Which of the following region is in the very high risk zone of earthquakes?

Indian coastal areas experienced Tsunami disaster in the year:

The Kothari Commission's report was entitled on:

Which of the following is not a Dualmode University?

Which part of the Constitution of India is known as "Code of Administrators”?

Which article of the constitution provides safeguards to Naga Customary and their social practices against any act of Parliament?

Which one of the following is not the tool of good governance?

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