2013 December UGC NET Previous Years Paper 1

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Welcome to your UGC NET NTA QUIZ 11

Copula is that part of proposition which denotes the relationship between:

"E" denotes:

'A' is the father of 'C, and 'D' is the son of 'B'. 'E' is the brother of 'A'. If 'C is the sister of 'D', how is 'B' related to 'E'?

Which of the following methods will you choose to prepare choropleth map of India showing urban density of population:

Which of the following methods is best suited to show on a map the types of crops being grown in a region?

A ratio represents the relation between:

Out of four numbers, the average of the first three numbers is thrice the fourth number. If the average of the four numbers is 5, the fourth number is:

Circle graphs are used to show:

On the keyboard of computer each character has an "ASCII" value which stands for:

Which part of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) performs calculation and makes decisions:

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