Best books available for UGC NET Paper HUMAN RIGHTS & DUTIES

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which is the best book for UGC NET NTA Paper HUMAN RIGHTS & DUTIES?

There are few books available for UGC NTA NET exam preparation for HUMAN RIGHTS & DUTIES, based on the rating, it has listed below

NTA Ugc Net Human Rights And Duties Paper 2 2020 Paperback – 18 January 2020

. It covers all the aspects and concepts of human rights and Duties in detail that are mention in the book, completely covers whole syllabus in br>Chapter wise manner which are divided into 30 chapters, with more than 3000 multiple choice questions for thorough practice, also includes previous years’ questions, 3 Model Papers as per the examination pattern and 3 Solved Papers: Solved Paper 2019 (June) and solved Paper 2018 (July). all these features will make it a ladder of success in the preparation and will open great future possibilities for the aspirants. Table of Contents Solved Paper 2019 (June), solved Paper 2018 (July), human rights and Duties: basic concepts, generations of human rights and Indian concepts, perspectives of human: liberal, Marxist and feminist, perspectives of human rights: gandhain, Dalit and religious, origin and evolutions of human rights, international standard settings: conventions, international standard settings: declarations, social satisfaction, gender children social structure, social structure and social problems in human rights, social issues concerning human, rights of different groups and challenges in human rights, state and political regime, international humanitarian law and interventions, un and various organs, ingos and human rights organisations in India, un agencies, developments, globalisation and human rights, economic growth and human rights, TNCs, right to development and other related rights, National Commissions, Civil societies and egos, Indian civilization and Constitution, constitutional visions, human rights and Indian Constitution, constitutional governance, criminal justice system and economic, social and cultural rights, law and human right enforcement, international enforcement mechanisms, regional enforcement of human rights, model Papers (1-3).

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