Best French language Dictionaries

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which are the best French language dictionaries?

There are few dictionaries available for French language, based on the rating, it has listed below

Oxford Essential French Dictionary (Multilingual) Paperback – 9 June 2010

by Oxford Dictionaries  (Author)

The Oxford Essential French Dictionary is a new compact French-English and English-French dictionary that offers up-to-date coverage of all the essential day-to-day vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases and 60,000 translations. This dictionary is easy to use and ideal for travel, work, or study.

The latest words in each language have been added, reflecting all aspects of life today, from computing and technology to lifestyle and business. Additional features include guides to French and English pronunciation, as well as help with both French and English verbs.

The Oxford Essential French Dictionary is ideal for anyone in need of a handy quick reference. An essential book for the study of French.

Oxford French Mini Dictionary: French-English, English-French/Francais-Anglais, Anglais-Francais (Multilingual) Flexibound – 22 June 2011

by Oxford Dictionaries  (Author)

This is the reissued Oxford French Mini Dictionary – now in an attractive new format.

This small dictionary offers the most accurate and up-to-date coverage of essential, everyday vocabulary with over 40,000 words and phrases and 60,000 translations. Easy-to-use colour design and a centre section of useful words and expressions listed by topic make this dictionary ideal for travel and quick reference.

French-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Bilingual Visual Dictionary) Paperback – 30 March 2017

by DK  (Author)

This is the perfect pocket reference for those learning French, and you’ll want to make sure it’s packed when you next go on your travels. With over 6,000 fully illustrated terms arranged by theme, getting to grips with the French language has never been easier. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, buying food or train tickets, discussing work or tourism, you’ll gain confidence in your new language skills with a bilingual visual dictionary by your side. Photographs and comprehensive indexes combine to make finding the word you need a quick and easy task. The French-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary also features an easy-to-use free audio app (available on the App Store and Google Play) enabling you to hear terms spoken out loud. Learn and retain all the key phrases and words you need to know, and perfect your pronunciation. DK’s bilingual visual dictionaries are truly bilingual; every section is written side by side in both languages – right from the contents to the index – meaning that this dictionary is easy to use for native speakers and learners alike. Whether you’re studying a new language in the classroom or practising on your travels, choose a DK bilingual visual dictionary to be part of your essential kit.

Larousse Compact Dictionary Paperback – 1 October 2011

by Larousse  (Author)

The Concise dictionary is the ideal companion for those who wish to learn and become fluent in contemporary French.

It is specifically designed to Expand basic knowledge, enabling the users to write more easily in the foreign language and to read a wide variety of material such as newspaper, magazines and books. Perfect for the more sophisticated traveler, business person or student.

  • Over 90,000 references
  • Over 120,000 translations
  • Extensive, up-to-date coverage of general and professional French
  • Generous coverage of idioms and grammatical constructions
  • Hundreds of abbreviations, acronyms and proper nouns
  • Guide to pronunciation
  • New edition

Collins Easy Learning Dictionary Paperback – 1 December 2011

by Collins (Author)

The easiest way to start learning FrenchEasy Learning French study Dictionary is part of the bestselling and acclaimed Easy Learning range and is ideal for school and home study

Easy to use find all the Words and phrases you need, with IPA to help with pronunciation

Easy to read clear color layout with no jargon or unclear symbols

Easy to Understand thousands of examples show you how French is really used

Larousse French English Dictionary Mass Market Paperback – 1 June 1996

by Larousse  (Author)


Entirely revised and updated, this is the most affordable and complete French-English English-French dictionary of its kind. Now easier to read and access, with more than 50,000 definitions, it is designed expressly for the widest possible variety of interests and professions — students, teachers, travelers, and home and office libraries.
You’ll find keys to pronunciation, idioms, conjugations, and more, in both languages — all here, in the finest resource of its kind.


Avec cette édition entièrement refondue et actualisée, découvrez le dictionnaire français-anglais anglais-français à la fois le plus complet et le plus économique de sa génération. Plus facile à consulter que jamais tout en offrant plus de 50 000 mots et expressions, il est utilisable par tous, en contexte scolaire aussi bien qu’en voyage, chez soi ou au bureau. De précieuses indications sur les difficultés des deux langues (prononciation, conjugaison, tournures idiomatiques…et bien plus encore) contribuent

French Essential Dictionary and Grammar: Two books in one (Collins Essential) (French) Paperback – 9 February 2017

by Collins Dictionaries  (Author)

The home of trusted French dictionaries for everyday language learning.

An up-to-date French to English and English to French dictionary with a practical, user-friendly grammar guide in one handy volume. With cultural notes on life in French-speaking countries and an easy-to-use grammar section this is the ideal study guide for intermediate learners

Easy-to-carry, this fully updated guide to the French language is ideal for use in school, on holiday or for business.

  • This edition has been revised and updated to offer extensive and relevant coverage of today’s English and French, with thousands of phrases and examples guiding you to the most appropriate translation.
  • A comprehensive grammar guide presents detailed examples and translations to help you to understand French – the perfect complement to the dictionary.
  • Full coverage of GCSE words and phrases to give you all the help you need when revising for your exams.
  • The new, clear layout gives the text a modern feel, and along with the new alphabet tabs, ensures that you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Larousse Mini Dictionary: French-English / English-French Paperback – 30 October 2009

by Larousse  (Creator)

Available in 5 languages the Larousse Mini Dictionaries are packed with information.They have been updated with revised cultural notes and reworked conversations guides. Perfect for travelers or beginning language learners they include 40,000 translations of core vocabulary.

The user-friendly layout features:

  • Up-to-date coverage of everyday language
  • Special entries on culture
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • Extra help with frequently used words
  • Conversation guide
  • Practical supplements of weights, measures, currency and much more

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