Welcome to your UGC NET NTA QUIZ 12

"Dpi" stands for:

The process of laying out a document with text, graphics, headlines and photographs is involved in

Transfer of data from one application to another line is known as:

Tsunami occurs due to:

Which of the natural hazards have big effect on Indian people each year?

Comparative Environment Impact Assessment study is to be conducted for:

Sea level rise results primarily due to:

The plume rise in a coal based power plant depends on:(i) Buoyancy (ii) Atmospheric stability (iii) Momentum of exhaust gases Identify the correct code:

Value education makes a student:

Networking of libraries through electronic media is known as:

The University which telecasts interactive educational programmes through its own channel is:

The Government established the University Grants Commission by an Act of Parliament in the year:

Universities having central campus for imparting education are called:

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