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Welcome to your UGC NET Tourism Quiz 2

Which year was celebrated as centenary year of Indian Civil Aviation?

Assertion (A): Air India is facing a huge loss of Rs. 64,000 crores. Reason (R): It has a very large number of employees.

Assertion (A): Daylight saving time is advancement of standard time by one hour. Reason (R): All countries located in high latitudes follow daylight saving time concept.

Which year is considered as a benchmark for declaring a property as heritage hotel?

On January 14, 2012 which Luxury cruise liner met with an accident near Isola de Gilio (Italy)?

Service scapes refers to

To distinguish between a tourist and an excursionist what should be the duration of tour?

In Tourism Multiplier, which of the following is not considered as ‘tourist spending’?

A system of calculating international fares based on the maximum permitted mileage between two points

In an itinerary, the destination point used to determine the round trip fare or maximum permitted mileage

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